The Rapaport Group is a global company providing value added services, which support the development of ethical, transparent, competitive and efficient diamond and jewelry markets. Established in 1976, the group supports over 20,000 clients in 118 countries and employs 230 team members with offices in New York, Las Vegas, Antwerp, Ramat Gan, Mumbai, Surat, Dubai and Hong Kong.

The group’s activities include the Rapaport Price List, the industry's primary source for diamond price and market information; Rapaport Information Services providing research, analysis and news; Rapaport Magazine, the leading print publication for the diamond industry; RapNet® – the world's largest online diamond trading network; Rapaport Laboratory Services including the Investment Diamond Certificate; and Rapaport Trading, Online Exchange and Auction Services.

Rapaport, with its finger on the pulse of the diamond market, is constantly reviewing how best to serve its customers with new and improved offerings.

Rapaport Academy is Rapaport’s latest venture, an online educational resource that aims to raise overall levels of knowledge and productivity for professionals and enthusiasts in the diamond and jewelry industry.

Rapaport Academy’s online courses are a new addition to the market. Designed to complement the technical laboratory education that’s currently available, these courses focus instead on the practical, commercial aspects of the diamond industry. On completion of the courses, learners will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to get ahead in this ever-changing industry.

The courses are ideal for those new to, or considering a move into, the diamond and jewelry world, and for enthusiasts seeking to gain a clearer understanding of how the industry works. They’re equally valuable for more experienced professionals, strengthening existing knowledge while providing a fresh perspective.

Written and delivered by Rapaport’s team and independent industry experts, Rapaport Academy’s online courses can serve as a springboard to career success in the diamond industry.