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Showcase Jewellers | Diamond & Jewellery Retail Sales Master Class

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Private Course for Showcase Jewellers Members

Diamond & Jewellery Retail Sales Master Class

Techniques and skills to increase your in-store sales
of diamonds and jewellery

In this course, the Rapaport Academy team and industry experts will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the retail sales process. You will acquire tools and learn techniques that will help you to sell more diamonds and jewellery. You will also be introduced to key concepts and product information that will make a real difference in your selling abilities and help you communicate better with your customers.
This course includes real-life examples and case studies to show you how to apply what you’ve learned as you build long-term relationships with your customers.

Entry Requirements None
Type Online, Self Paced
Course Price $120
Instructors Rapaport Academy
Subject Retail Sales In Store
Language English
Course Deadline 1 month
Tests 5 quizzes
Accreditation Rapaport Sales Certificate

pc What the course will cover

  • The customer experience
  • Diamond essentials - educate yourself and your customers
  • Emotional selling tools
  • Communicating company credibility
  • Follow-up and promotions


Whom the course is for

  • Sales associates
  • Store owners


  • Acquire key insights from industry experts
  • Gain a competitive advantage with enriched knowledge and skills
  • Experience a boost in confidence and productivity
  • Learn online – at your own pace, anywhere, anytime
  • Achieve recognition by earning the Rapaport Sales Certificate
  • Join Rapaport Academy’s online learning community; share ideas with peers and have your questions answered by industry insiders



Here is the course outline:

Module 1. Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to our Sales Training Course! This module will cover what you need to know to get started.

Module 2. The Customer Experience

In this module, you’ll learn how to use physical aspects of the in-store environment to boost sales.

Module 3. Diamond Essentials - Educating Yourself and Your Customer

This module will give you an overview of the factors influencing diamond prices, and practical tools for pricing them.

Module 4. Emotional Selling Tools

In this module, you’ll learn how to listen and respond to clients, to help them choose the right piece of jewelry.

Module 5. Communicating Company Credibility

This module focuses on how to build clients’ trust in your company, which will encourage them to buy their diamond jewelry from you today and in the future.

Module 6. Follow Up and Promotions

Learn how to build on initial, positive client relationships to cultivate mutually beneficial long-term relationships.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Rapaport Retail Sales Certificate for Showcase Jewellers Members
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