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Our courses

Fundamentals of Diamond Trading

Take your diamond trading to the next level.

Diamonds & Jewelry Retail Sales Master Class

Learn techniques and skills to sell more diamonds and jewelry in-store.

Digital Marketing Essentials for Jewelers

Boost your online presence to increase traffic and sales.

Customized Courses

Build a tailor-made online course for your company based on your employees’ needs.

Introduction to RapNet

Learn the RapNet basics, features and trading tips.

What students SAY

As the course states it will give you the fundamentals of the industry and for newcomers to the industry I would advise to do the course as it will help you a lot to further your career. Didier Rillof
  • Baunat NV
  • Many Years in the Trade
  • Romania
Although I have been in the diamond industry for about 10 years, I learned a lot about the industry that I did not know before. Ann Yang
  • AA Kim's Fine Jewelry
  • United States
The course is a fantastic learning opportunity for newcomers and people who want to enhance their knowledge of the diamond industry. Thomas Comesky
  • Staff Gemologist at GIA
  • United States
This course has greatly helped me to understand the market - it's full of knowledge required to start trading. The way the course is designed is great. Rapaport has included topics which in my personal experience nobody teaches. Rohan Raval
  • Laboratory Alumnus
  • India
Within two weeks, I enhanced my diamond trading skills, learned how technology has influenced our daily activities, and had access to key insights from Mr. Martin Rapaport.
The course is worth every cent.
Thanks Team RapAc!
Neel Shah
  • Just Starting Out in the Industry
  • India
Wonderful course. One of the best career choices I have made is subscribing to the Rapaport Network services, and all the wonderful options available! John A Smith
  • GIA GG Student & Private Collector
  • United States

About the CREATORS


The Rapaport Group is a global company with 40 years of experience in the diamond and jewelry industry. The group provides added-value services as the industry's primary source for diamond prices, online trading, research, analysis and market news.


Rapaport Academy is an innovative e-learning platform that aims to enhance diamond industry professionals’ knowledge and productivity. Our courses focus on the practical aspects to give you the tools to get ahead in this ever-evolving industry.

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  1. How do I register for a Rapaport Academy course?

    Registration for Rapaport Academy courses is done online, through the course web page. On that page, you will find a “Purchase” or “Enroll Now” button that will lead you to the registration page. For step-by-step assistance with this process, watch our demo video here.

  2. How do I pass a course and obtain my certificate?

    To earn your Rapaport Academy Certificate, you will need to achieve a “pass” grade on each of the course’s compulsory assignments. The course contents, case studies and videos are there to help you prepare. You can attempt the module assignments as many times as you like. However, the final course test must be completed within three attempts.

  3. What does “course completion time” mean?

    Once your course has started, you have access to its materials for a limited time. For example, the duration of the Fundamentals of Diamond Trading course is three months, so you have three months in which to complete it.

  4. When will I be able to access a course lectures and assignments?

    Once you have successfully enrolled in a particular course, you will be able to enter the Rapaport Academy platform and access the course materials. Module assignments are accessible once you’ve completed the course lectures. Similarly, you can take the final exam once you have completed and passed all module assignments.

  5. When do you require payment for fee-based courses and which payment methods do you accept?

    You will be asked for your payment details as part of the course registration process. Payments are via credit card.

  6. I have a question that wasn’t answered above. How do I contact Rapaport Academy?

    If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone at +1-347-809-3537. Alternatively, you can leave a message on the website contact page, and we’ll get back to you shortly. We are here to help!

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